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Crux2core was founded in 2014 by Abhishek and Kundan. We have grown from 3 Brands to 240+ in 4 years.

Crux2core team has handled the 20000 installs daily to a Product launch to a super special category. From Games to FMCG, we have done it all.

Our Specialties

Measures brand strength and loyalty across brands and provides comparisons to competitors in order to target messages to consumers

Media allocation

Weighs marketing investments against overall strategy, and provides recommendations on how to allocate investment across geographies and brands

Media Mix

Recommends the optimum blend of communications channels to achieve the best short- and long-term sales impact as well as maximize ROI

Campaign Management

Provides estimates of campaign performance for the short- and long-term, and provides feedback about how best to spread the marketing spend over time

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