SEO Starter Kit

$199.00 / month

If search engine can rank you higher for things which people search you for, you will get good business. We will start your SEO journey with clear goals.


Additional information

What you can expect:

You will start seeing yourself on search engines

What we need from you:

* A brief telephone call with our SEO director
* Top 10 pages of your site will be reviewed
* Keyword analysis for your site or product : 200 keywords will be focused
* For each keyword we will determine using our tools and experience
1. The volume of search – how many people are searching on Google in your country for the term each month?
2. Competition – a measure of how difficult it will be to get to position number 1 for this term based on the competition
3. Relevance – our assessment of how relevant your business is for people searching for this term
* Priority plan for which keywords to be ranked first
* Working plan on how to proceed on the strategy
* Monthly execution of plan
* Report and call with SEO Director


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