Skill Registry

Skill Rating Protocol

Skill-Registry represents the skill score for a recognised skill and creates an overall reputation score related to every specific skill an individual has. It is transparent and objective.

It is non-tradeable and handles persistent skills validations across career life cycle.

Objective rating system for skills

Skill registry is an objectively scored rating system of human skills. It accounts for academic, vocational, on-job and many other verticals through which a person can accrue score for a particular skill. The score reflecting through skill-registry can be used a comprehensive and evolving judgement of a person ability suitable to do a particular task.

How it works

Skill-Registry is skill rating system and, as a result, it is on accrual basis. It grows on citation. Consider google keyword ranking when thinking about skill registry. Skill registry ranks skill-nodes against people in the same way google ranks keywords against website pages.

A talented and growing individual will have  have the evidence of his/her skills registered and added. It does not require somebody to gain a skill through studying, degrees. It can be through different action events specified by raters.

It’s a universal system which tracks, registers and adds any events of skill acquisition, improvement or application in course of time.


Raters are credible and eligible people with high scores for a particular skills. Some of them also define the skill node.

They rate other people and are among the common people.

The process of rating is totally anonymous.

The skill areas can be from different verticals and horizontals. E.g Coding skills for a language to HR skills of hiring for particular geography.

The Skill-Registry of every skill stored by any user will be publicly visible and hereunder shareable.

AI behind the score for skills

All individuals will keep adding an incremental score persistent for a successful activity done and proven.

Skill-units are identified by raters of that skill and they attach a value to it. This value is normalised and added on relative basis to the owner of the skill on a time depletion cycle till the skill reaches asymptotic value(commoditised). Ex: In SEO skills, ability to create a site map is commoditised skill whereas working on structured data is a higher skill unit.